• Every penny you spend on redundancy is a penny you can’t spend on innovation.
  • Reducing waste, making government more efficient, and maximizing returns...
  • Every dollar spent on duplicative services is a dollar not invested in making our region globally competitive.
  • Elected officials see the connection between government efficiency & economic competitiveness.
  • The cost of government in Northeast Ohio is $20 billion - more than 10% of our regional economy.

Advancing local government collaboration and efficiency efforts in the Northeast Ohio region.

  • Our Story

    What started as a contest encouraging and accelerating government collaboration and efficiency, evolved in to a collaborative network. Opportunity is everywhere -- and the payoff is big.

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  • Resources

    Many other organizations work to promote local government collaboration and efficiency.

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  • News

    Government collaboration and efficiency are big news in Northeast Ohio and around the country.

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  • Archive

    Interested in how this all began? Learn more about EGN 1.0 and 2.0.

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  • collaborate and learn

    Local government and efficiency are important to our region's future. Join the conversation on Civic Commons! 

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